How we do things


We know that online marketing and web analytics can be intimidating, so we try to keep things simple by following a clear-cut process that turns a mass of confusing data into understandable and specific recommendations. Our friendly mentoring will help you put those recommendations into action.



1 - Assess 

We carry out a full audit to determine the key drivers of web traffic and conversions

2 - Simplify

We distil all of the data into specific recommendations, so you know what to prioritise, and when and how to do it. 

3 - Mentor

We provide ongoing help and support so that you can carry out our recommendations and grow your presence.

4 - Review

We report on your activity regularly so that we can optimise your campaigns as they progress. 


Success starts here

It can take a lifetime of experience to achieve success, but our analytics reports will help you master your online marketing by telling you how you're doing online and what you need to do to reach your goals, starting now. Our mentoring helps you follow through with the recommendations we make, so nothing is left to chance.

What our clients say

Orchard Analytics’ monthly round-ups and prompts are just what I need to make me focus on how to make my website more effective. Monica’s team is incredibly good at analysing what content my visitors are responding to and suggesting how to give my posts more impact.
— Fiona Beckett,
Matching Food and Wine
I wasn’t sure how to make Social Media work for my business but Monica made it all clear with her non-condescending ways and her immense knowledge of both food and the Internet. She has gone over and above for me and has always been prompt and professional.
— Sumayya Usmani,
My Tamarind Kitchen
Social media takes time, but it has to be done - it’s a business essential. Orchard Analytics help us keep up with it.
— Rachel Demuth,
Demuths Cookery School


Contact us for a free 5-point assessment

We'll look at what you're doing online: website, social media, SEO, and advertising, and offer five actionable things you can do right now to improve your sales and push your business goals to the next level. Today is the day!

About Us

Orchard Analytics grew out of my own experience in statistics and data analytics. I have an MSc in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Texas and have been specialising in web analytics for over 10 years, working with clients like the BBC, Cadbury and Volkswagen. I also lecture in mathematics and statistics at the Open University, where I teach analytics to undergraduate students. 

At Orchard Analytics, we focus on helping small to medium-sized businesses use real data to have an edge over their competitors. Critically, we are adept communicators capable of explaining technical outcomes in ways that make sense to non-technical people. Together, we work hard to take the guesswork out of online marketing.

Monica Shaw, Founder and Lead Analyst